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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raw For 30 Days 2/30: Down & Dirty Flax Crax

Raw Care Package For Emily:
Flax Crax (on right), Basic Seed Cheese, Lentil Sprouts, Red Clover Sprouts,
Swiss Chard, Kale, Mixed Herbs & Edible Flowers
Update: Feeling GREAT and Lost 3 pounds! Yes, I realize it's mostly water but that's 3 pounds of water I'm not carrying around with me! AND, the little man who was in my brain with an ice pick all weekend, hammering it into the area behind my right eye socket, has taken a break. The sun is shining. Life is good.
My partner in crime, Emily Richett, has a very busy life as the Entertainment Host for WXMI Fox-17, up at 3:00AM and scouring Grand Rapids for what's new, hip and happening. So, she does not have as much time to prepare all of the rawlicious things that she'd like. On the other hand, my current desk is exactly 10 steps away from my kitchen sink.

I can help a sister out.

I told her, during our high-powered strategy session at Marie Catribs',  I'd share some of my creations with her. "In case of emergency...CALL ME!". I had visions last weekend of dancing around my kitchen and garden making all sorts of wonderful fair for us. Starting a RAW stockpile of sorts. However, that guy wielding the ice pick, who came (unannounced and certainly unwelcome) for a visit all weekend, had other plans for me. It's hard to make happy food when your grumpy, horizontal with a hot water bottle on your face.

On Sunday my daughter, Ellie, came to the rescue with the words that every Mom longs to hear, "What can I do to help you Mama?" (I must of looked pretty pathetic because that does not happen often!) My body was comatose but my head was reeling with the fact I have not danced my stockpile into a reality. So, I mumbled the instructions for the simplest of flax crax, thus...

Down & Dirty Flax Crax

2 C Flax Seeds
Filtered Water
Splash of Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce)
Sea Salt to taste

  • Place flax seeds in a bowl, just cover top of seeds with water and add a splash of Nama Shoyu.
  • Let sit on counter over night or for approximately 6 hours. It will be very gelatinous after it sits a while.
  • Spread on a Teflex dehydrator sheet. This amount may fill two dehydrator trays depending on how thick the seeds are spread.
  • Add Sea Salt to taste. 
  • Dehydrate at 117* until firm enough to flip, approximately 6 hours.
  • Flip the giant cracker and continue to dehydrate until crispy, approximately 6 more hours.
  • No dehydrator? Spread on a cookie sheet and place in your oven on the lowest setting with the door propped open. Then follow the same directions above. The dehydration time will be accelerated because your oven will most likely be warmer. However you'll have homemade, vegan, gluten-free crackers that are tasty as well as economical. 
Flax seeds store on the shelf indefinitely. So, this is a recipe that can be made on the fly or in a bind even without the soy sauce. There are so many ways to make this cracker more exciting with different combinations of herbs and veggies. But, during the first few days of a DETOX when your body is freaking out without it's caffeinated safety net, "Down & Dirty" is the only way to roll;)


  1. This flax cracker looks really, really good! I want to try it, but I can't imagine leaving my oven turned on with the door open for up to 12 hours!! yikes!

  2. Tracy, thank for visiting. The dehydration time will be accelerated in a conventional oven so it will NOT take 12 hours:) Since every oven has a different lowest temp, it's hard to say how long. I just made a batch in my oven last week and it took about 4 hours. Hope this helps!