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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Crew's Debut!: The WOTV 4 Women Launch Party

Large TV monitors were used to introduce "The Crew".

Last Thursday evening, high atop the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, WOTV 4 Women formally introduced The Crew to West Michigan by hosting an elegant Launch Party at Cygnus 27! The Crew is a group of West Michigan women who are experts in their fields. We have been assembled to inform and inspire the women of West Michigan and beyond. From "Baby" to the "Social Sizzle", from "Wellness" to "Eats" and lots in between, we promise to deliver for YOU!

The Invitation

This swanky VIP event, with a backdrop of the city's twinkly lights, offered guests complementary signature cocktails and an array of delicious food. Large TV monitors played our promotional spots, and they even had a photo booth were we could get a little crazy!

We had red carpet treatment upon arrival,
as a photographer greeted us at the door.
Steve Drake, my fabulously supportive husband, and me. 
Marguerite Dejaeghere, my Mum, made it to the party!
And, my sister, Jan Loridas, made it too!
My apologizes in advance:

Since Jan is a photographer too
SHE was the one BEHIND my blog camera for once,
and I had some fun in FRONT of it;)
My Mum, and Pat Young, my Auntie,
in front of the WOTV 4 Women ice sculpture.
Gary Saulten and Diane Kniowski, General Manager LIN Media.

WOTV 4 Women is Diane's concept!
The lovely, talented and hard working
Christine Kelso, Executive Producer of eightWest WOOD-TV8,
and beautiful Barbara Gerson.
Me and the always radiant Rachael Ruiz,
co-host of eightWest WOOD-TV8.
I met Rachael over two years ago on eightWest
and together we have done many
home, garden and plant-based cuisine segments.
Because we are all part of the same "family",
EightWest is helping to promote WOTV 4 Women!
Thanks Rachael and Terri!!!

 Meet The Crew!

"Family" Crew member, Maranda (far left),
with Amanda and Dan Roelofs.

The night of the party,
Amanda and Dan were on day 26 out of 28 days of only eating raw food,
inspired by Heaven on Earth-Home!
(Hoping they will let me post their before and after photos,
their results are amazing!)
"Baby" Crew member, Carly Munoz,
with her husband, Adam Munoz.
"Wellness" Crew member, Michele Fife (far right),
and me,
"Eats" Crew member, Margaux Drake (center)
photographed with Mia Walker,
owner of Smooch in East Grand Rapids.
"Zen" Crew member, Eugenia Marve (right)
with Diane Knapp, Sales & Marketing for LIN Media.
"Social Sizzle" Crew member, Jordan Carson (second from left),
with (left to right)
Gary Saulten, Naomi Goedert and cute friend.

 Enjoy The Party!

Kurtis Kaechele, the Director of Marketing, and me
just after he informed me that his one goal in life
is to catch me with my hand in a bag of Cheetos...
Ha! Don't think so!!!
Steve Drake, my patient husband,
waiting for me to stop mingling.
Brice and Rachael Ruiz
Are they for real? Too cute! 
My friend and soon-to-be neighbor, Marney Salmon,
me and hair stylist (and sometimes psychotherapist),
James Garnet, owner of Sacred Roots in East Grand Rapids.
My new BFF, Barbara Gerson,
and me!
Julie Regan, Jennifer Stecco and me
Diane Knapp, Kelly Stecco, and me 
Carey Potter, Mark and Barbara Gerson 
The Ladies of EGR
(left to right)
Julie Regan, Jen Pohlman, Jennifer Stecco,
Mia Walker, Kelly Stecco, Rachael Ruiz and me
What an evening!
I have a lot of work to do for the Women of West Michigan
I'm excited for the challenge!!!

From The Crew to you,

stay tuned to WOTV 4 Women...

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  1. Looks like it was a fantastic time and we are all looking forward to watching the "crew"!!!!