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Cleanse Fest!

Register: Cleanse Fest!

To keep up with the demand, the 28 Day Detox with Margaux Drake is EVOLVING!
Starting in May, it's GOING GLOBAL!

There have been many requests from people all over the US and abroad to do the detox but we only had so many iPads for FaceTime attendees. Plus being locked into a specific time each week for the meetings didn't always work out with everyone's busy schedules. Problems solved...

Introducing CLEANSE FEST! A FUN, VIRTUAL CLEANSE GROUP and GLOBAL HEALTH & WELLNESS COMMUNITY. You will receive two live coaching calls a week for four weeks (which will be recorded and available for 30 days), AND a PRIVATE Facebook group for daily support and accountability. Also new, NO FEE! The only cost for your 30 day TRANSFORMATION is the cost of the supplemental cleansing and nutritional supplementation that you will need for the month. Margaux and her team have coached hundreds of people through this system with GREAT RESULTS. There will also be LOCAL, FUN CLEANSE MOBS in Grand Rapids so we can have a BLAST while we HEAL & TRANSFORM.

Sound like a GREAT PLAN to get FIT & FAB for Summer?
Starts May 12th. Let's ROLL!!!

Click on the link below to register:


*Following are comments for my raw food demonstrations and my detox/cleanse classes. The cleanse is NOT all raw foods/vegan/gluten free, if you don't want it to be. I simply teach how to incorporate more plant-based foods, cooked and raw, into your diet:

I dropped 11 pounds and my skin feels amazing. Can't wait to do it again!-Gwen, Grand Rapids MI

Since I started eating well 3 weeks ago I have dropped 22 pounds I am so close to my goal weight of 200 that my new goal is 189! Good thing is all the food I am eating is so satiating that I barley get hungry through out the day!-Joe

Thanks to YOU Margaux! Your enthusiasm and the group encouragement were definitely strong motivating forces!

My daughter, Jamie, and I have eaten "mostly" this way for a couple years, but it wasn't enough! We needed to embrace this healthier lifestyle and we needed our family to join us. When Jamie finished her surgical residency she told me she couldn't go expend all her energies helping others become well and healthy until she helped her parents, brothers, uncles, aunts, n cousins. We have a way to go, but boy did we ever get a good start!

Our family certainly had many successes - from weight loss, lower blood pressures, healthier skin and hair to an "awakeness" that lasts the day, but the key thing to me is the attitude change! We have gone as a family group from being stuck in the mindset that sluggish is normal, to one of knowing and understanding that what goes into our bodies determines our mental and physical clarity! We are all sharing the excitement of the abundance of wonderful, fresh, living food!! How cool is that?"-LM, Ada MI

"After participating in Margaux's 28-Day Detox, I found a new appreciation for the food I put into my body and how you truly are what you eat. I learned more than I thought possible in four short weeks and will continue to follow this healthy and energizing lifestyle!"-AM, Endurance Runner, Grand Rapids MI

"Marguax's 28 day detox adventure went beyond my expectations. With food demos each week and information that I had never even heard of, I came away from this experience more knowledgeable, excited about eating healthier, and more importantly, I felt amazing! Thanks again Margaux! I'm hoping to come back as an alumni!"-Gazelle Sports Employee

"Margaux's detox changed my entire perspective on eating healthy food. Before the detox, I considered myself to be health conscious to an extent; however, I still struggled with my daily intake of 'bad food.' This constant fluctuation in my diet was a huge struggle and made me feel dissatisfied with several of my food choices. During the detox, I learned how to sustain healthy eating, without resorting to unhealthy foods. The best part is that I didn't even feel hungry or the need to cheat. This discipline has been so important to me, as I now feel proud of what I'm eating and I am learning about new healthy foods along the way!"-Marjorie Behm, Grandville MI

"It's really interesting regarding "not eating meat" - I'm a self-proclaimed carnivore, and yet haven't really had big urges to eat it (although I admit to having a steak since class ended).  What is keeping me "whole" on NOT eating meat is twofold: 1. There's enough protein in what I'm eating (just confirmed in another raw cookbook I was reading over the weekend), and 2. My poor body has to work so much harder to process/digest the meat (thank-YOU very much – can't get the picture of the bucket-of-sludge out of my head).  This is a MAJOR paradigm shift for me.  Thanks again Margaux!"- Heidi Frye, East Grand Rapids MI

You are a wonderful group leader and a compelling speaker. Your enthusiasm is infectious.-Mary

I am attending your Raw Foods Simplified at Harvest Health on July 19th!  I’ve been a junk food junky all my life and now that I have turned 50, it’s high time I take my eating habits seriously.-Cindy

When is your next seminar? I am starting today in supporting my husband for a detox with raw foods. So I would like to know more about your way of detoxing. I am making your Pure Energy Super Smoothie!-Dawn

On recovering from a surgery for which she prepared for by taking my detox class:
I got up early this morning to do my body brushing, tongue scraping and salt bath, finishing up with the neti pot. It was great!! I was so relaxed and calm. Once I got there, everything went by fast and before I knew it I was out and pretty much coherent right away. Then my mom and sister made me the greenest smoothie they could with a shot of wheat grass to drink before taking my meds. :) Now I'm just focusing on relaxing and keeping the swelling down. And thinking about when I get to drink my next meal! :) Thanks again for all your help and support.-Lauren

My husband and I came to your raw food demonstration on Thursday. It was good! I am interested in the 28 Day Cleanse.-Babs

I recently attended your Raw-Food class which was EXCELLENT!!!!, and would like to sign up for your September class.-Heidi

Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful new way of life – I’m still sproutin’! I forgot to ask about getting a copy of your recipe for Nacho Mama’s cheese dip/sauce/whatever you call it – it was FABOO! See you in Nov. if not before then.-Kathy

I had talked to you at the eightWest night at Art Van this year.  I have been following your posts on line.  I would like to know more about your vegan way of life.  Also, when you will be having another one of your detox classes.  I am interested in finding more about all of this.-Valerie

I was at your raw food demo a couple of weeks ago (when you taught) and was completely inspired by what I learned! Thanks!-Sandy

28 day detox = awesome yoga class = the best I've felt since I stopped drinking = true love!!!!:)-Anonymous

Thanks so much for all your time and effort with the classes.  I always learn something! Adding these things to my arsenal will prove to be very beneficial.  You are so great at talking the talk and walking the walk!-Kelley

Great class by the way........I love your enthusiasm!-Nyla

Went for a short 20 mile group ride last night which turned into a all out race and i must say i was surprised at how much energy i had for being on day four of a juice only fast. This is the best I have ever felt health wise in my whole life. I think after my detox class is over i am gonna keep this vegan lifestyle! the only thing that sucks is all my clothes are to big .. again.. but i guess thats a good problem to have. Thank you Margaux Drake for reigniting my passion for preparing healthy whole food! If you are in the Grand Rapids area i would highly recommend her 28 day detox class check out her website http://www.heavenonearth-home.com/ for details!-Joe


  1. I'm looking forward to the info meeting on May 3 at Seva Yoga and participating in the detox! Practicing yoga and eating plants make me feel so great, excited for more inspiration!

  2. Hi Marqaux - I am interested in doing your detox - however as you know I am in Chicago - therefore wondering if I can pay up and you can mail out the protocol - even though I live a raw lifestyle I bank my health on
    doing a few detox's a year and find it much easier when I don't run the show - love someone else's "Rule Book"
    Peace Lois